Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Had a GREAT 4 mile run last night. I did it on the treadmill because I was feeling less than stellar and I figured that running a bit might make me feel a bit better but I didn't want to brave the cold weather. It did make me feel better but I am still going to the docs today. Back to running - I never felt like I was over exerting myself but I did feel like I was getting in a good workout. I love that feeling! I ate a delicous bowl of home made chicken and rice soup with a half of sandwich from my dinner the night before...it had black bean spread, avacado, salsa, jalepenos, cheese and chicken....PERFECT. And i washed it down with a HUGE glass of water. For dessert I had a glass of vanilla almond milk - so needed something sweet. It really was a good meal!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas weekend....

So..I was incredibly stressed getting everything done for the holiday and now its over - seems like I blinked and Christmas just passed me by - this year has gone by so FAST. I always thought that I couldn't wait until I "grew up" and now I wish I was back in school and on winter break. Back to work today after a wonderful time with family and friends. I ate so much wonderful food and drank and just had a great time. School is over - got an A in one class and a B- in the other - not too bad. I'll be done, if everything goes as planned, next fall. It is tough taking too many classes at once with working a full time job and a part time job. It seems that the busier I am, the better I am with juggling everything - if I am busy I am forced to prioritize and not procrastinate. I signed up for a 5k in Feb - I am pretty excited. I think I do better with my running schedule if I have a goal! I slack if I don't have any races or anything - I so wish I wasn't like that! I am really excited about it bc I think my boyfriend is going to do it with me and we have never done a race together so it will be fun!